About Us

This company was founded in 1999 with a vision to bring delicious and healthy food to school children in the Ottawa area.

As our own two boys passed through the public-school system in Ottawa, we were surprised by the lack of nutritious options available for lunches. Organized lunches consisted of pizza and hot dog days. We began to send our kids to school with premade hot lunches sealed in special single use containers. To our surprise, these personalized lunches became rather popular among the kids in our sons' classes. From there, an idea was born to provide the same hot lunches to other school age children.

So, we established our operation by moving into an industrial grade kitchen and partnering with container and food distributors. From our meager beginning serving two hot lunches per day, we have now grown to serve hundreds of children at each school. With 17 years of experience now under our belts, we have seen the children we serve grow up before our eyes happily enjoying our home cooked meals. Their satisfaction and compliments are truly priceless.

We are a small local Ottawa company that strives to bring your children the same high-quality lunches that we made for our own two sons when they attended elementary school. We continue to maintain our high standards for the freshest ingredients, no preservatives, and meals cooked from scratch the day of the meal. We hope your children join our program and continue to eat well and grow to live healthy and active lives.

Why we do it?
We love to see the joy and happiness on children' faces when they pick up our food. We cook to please kids, make them strong and healthy, and provide them with energy for an active life.
Mommy's Yummies Food Inc is happy to announce that we are offering a nutritional consultations by our Registered Holistic Nutritionist.
CSNN Certified Nutritional Consultant

Our Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Breathwork coach specialize in: body composition (weight loss), metabolic syndrome, sugar fluctuations, prediabetes, high cholesterol, fatigue, sleep problems, acid reflux, any inflammation, stress release, behavior problems, ADHD, acne and dysfunctional breathing.

If you or your child have any problems with health and wish to take a holistic approach, please contact us.